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About Us

About Us
Hello reader, welcome to the about us page of your most beloved website!

Basically, since you visited our Chandamama started reading the about us page, we would assume that you are either in search of latest regional News, latest movie reviews, health articles, off-beat kind of articles etc. So taking the “Latest” part into account, one can easily recognize what Chandamama is all about!

What is Chandamama?

Chandamama is a multi-niche site which targets the people of Telugu states, dealing with various categories such as Health, Movies, Informative, Off-Beat etc. We are a content portal that full fills all the needs of all kinds of audience. Our stories will educate, entertain and create awareness among audiences, about everything that is happening around them.

Our Moto:

chandamama.com aims at becoming the best regional site in the next few months.
Telugu people especially the youth are always in the urge to learn more and know more about what is going on around them in the outside world. So, they keep searching desperately for latest news and updates which are provided 24×7 by us

The Categories:

Generally, we are in the urge to know about the hidden things. So we provide you latest informative articles. You can also know about the things that are happening around you.
We also care about your health. So, you can find the important health tips by a simple click on our site.
Basically, we are movie lovers. So we provide all the latest updates in the Telugu film industry and also we write genuine reviews of Telugu movies.

Final Words:

In one single statement, we can say that chandamama is a one stop website for all the categories. You need not go to different sites for different categories and get filled up your browser tabs. Instead, bookmark chandamama to your browser and open it for all the updates you need. We provide you genuine and the best content out of the lot.

Contact us at admin@allindiadaily.com

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